The Next Chapter

With Rachel Podger

Two Nights

Summer 2021

Heckfield Place, UK

Maximum of eight guests

Women only

Please contact us to see the full itinerary

This new Insider Retreat takes place in rural Hampshire with the acclaimed therapist and mindfulness teacher, Rachel Podger. The Retreat provides women with space to reset and replenish; to finally carve time out for themselves and enjoy a treasured moment of calm. If you feel like you’ve been holding everyone else up lately, now is the time to evaluate your own wellbeing and how you intend to embrace this next stage in life, especially as we begin to emerge from the pandemic.

Based at Heckfield Place the Retreat gives you two days of undisturbed tranquility and a safe space for engaged discussion without judgement. We’ll look at managing changes that come with the middle chapter of our lives from mental and physical health to nutrition and holistic wellbeing. Massage treatments using specialist aromatherapy oils, meditation and connecting with nature will play key parts each day as well as enjoying the sumptuous surroundings of Heckfield Place.

“I have come to realise that I feel so privileged to be at this stage of my life, even when I am weary and confused by the menopause and its challenges; and I feel thankful for the energy and passion that is still at my core, even if it does take a little longer to get fired up!”
Rachel Podger

Morning meditation may lead to a nature walk in the 400 acre grounds with a local foraging expert to identify wild plants that are surprisingly tasty and bursting with nutrients. Enjoy a picnic by the river and later return to Heckfield’s kitchen and discover new recipes with one of their passionate chefs. There will be plenty of time to use the hotel’s excellent spa and to curl up on the sofa for a chat and a giggle with newfound friends. Delicious and healthy food will be prepared for you and we are busy planning a special surprise dinner with a guest speaker in conversation with Rachel.

You will leave this Insider Retreat feeling rejuvenated and clued up on the changes we all go through in the middle stage of life. Every guest will be given one-on-one time with Rachel to talk in confidence. Women experiencing more acute symptoms of the menopause or who have concerns about approaching perimenopause will find reassurance in Rachel’s extensive knowledge and her stress-management techniques.

About Rachel Podger

Rachel is a fully accredited member of UKCP with a wealth of experience in counselling, mindfulness and transpersonal integrative psychotherapy and is registered with AXA/PPP, Vitality and WPA. She embodies a passionate interest in meditation, exercise, nutrition and overall wellbeing. She is particularly enthusiastic about helping people find a way to integrate changes in their lifestyle which will help enhance their overall wellbeing. Her warm and welcoming approach is based on the personal belief that all aspects of mind, body and spirit are interconnected and highly relational.

Read Rachel Podger’s Q&A here.

About Heckfield Place

We scoured South West England to find the perfect venue for this Insider Retreat. A place that would feel elegant and special but equally friendly and welcoming. After weeks of searching we entered Heckfield Place and we knew instantly that we had arrived. Heckfield is a place where new ideas and new connections are born and this exciting sense of creativity is almost palpable. Beyond the beautiful grounds and stylish interiors there is something truly unique about Heckfield Place that is hard to put your finger on - this is what makes it so special.

Heckfield describes itself as a place where everything they do “relates to nature – from the House itself, which, like so many grand English houses, is positioned to align with the movement of the sun, to our biodynamic farm, farm-to-fork offering and natural skincare line. In an increasingly turbulent world, this is a place that feels timely in its pursuit. A place that stands out of time, seeking to impart wisdom and inspire change.”

Find out more

We would love to tell you more about this Insider Retreat over the phone (+44 (0) 1264 513 007). Alternatively, if you wish to see a more detailed itinerary first, contact Jenny Wilkinson by email