5 November 2019


Special access to the greatest literary event on earth

Fancy joining our Literary Insider, Philly Malicka at the Jaipur Literary Festival in January? This is a unique opportunity to access (and we mean really access) one of the world’s finest literary events alongside an experienced and passionate host who knows how to get behind the scenes.

The JLF was founded in 2016 by William Dalrymple and Namita Gokhale and is now recognised as one of the greatest literary events on earth. Each year a fantastic range of writers, thinkers, humanitarians and politicians come together to champion the freedom to express ideas and ignite thought-provoking dialogue.

For five days in January the city is alive with daytime discussion and evening parties brimming with music, colour and creative minds engaged in dynamic debate. Philly has been to the event countless times and here she tells us what makes the JLF such a unique and exciting event with just five of the many, many reasons:

  • It takes place in the grounds of a palace. Need I say more? There are even peacocks roaming around..
  • It assembles some of the finest thinkers and writers of our age under one roof and the discussions are incredibly provocative.
  • You can participate! The Q&A sessions are lengthy and lively, giving you the chance to ask your favourite author a question.
  • If you find yourself saturated with book-chat, you can visit some of the pop up boutiques in the palace grounds. I buy jewellery, textiles and, of course, books.
  • The parties and evening musical events are some of the best nights out I have ever had. You meet so many interesting people from around the world and they are often hosted in sensational locations.