17 April 2020

Eco Latino .

Seeing images of fish swimming back into cleaner waters of the Venice canals, endangered turtles thriving and nesting on beaches empty of crowds and air pollution levels dropping to an all-time low should make us all reassess the way we travel in a post covid world.

Sustainable travel that directly benefits local communities with low environmental impact is extremely important to us at The Insider Travel. We will always advise you on how to explore our globe with a light social and environmental footprint. Every one of our travel experiences gives back to a cause that has a lasting impact on improving the lives of others and we are careful to select partners and properties that follow our principals.

Starting with South America, here are three of our favourite eco properties in the Latin corner of our planet. Travel to any one of these places and your booking will directly support the destination.


Patagonia, Chile

There are three Awasi properties in South America and each one works closely with local communities to deliver an appropriate style of tourism that will leave a positive impact on local people and the environment. In Patagonia, the Awasi team discovered that endemic wildlife such as the puma were facing a real threat when they left the boundaries of the Torres del Paine National Park. By converting neighbouring farmland into a reserve, they have created a natural corridor for big cats to roam safely and in just a few years the population has risen dramatically. There are 14 private luxury villas and each is assigned a private vehicle and guide to explore this incredibly beautiful southern tip of the planet. Visit between October and April.

Caiman Ecological Refuge

Pantanal Wetlands, Brazil

The Caiman Refuge is a leading light in ecotourism in the Southern Pantanal. The 130,000 acre ranch works closely with conservationists and farmers on research projects that will preserve and protect the natural environment as well as providing sustainable employment for local workers. Conservation of endangered endemic species includes the jaguar rehabilitation experts, Oncafari and the team behind the Hyacinth Macaw Project. With three luxury eco lodges to choose from, this retreat maintains a high level of comfort for those in search of wildlife and adventure in the world’s largest wetlands. Visit between April and October.

Sol y Luna

Sacred Valley, Peru

Nestled into the heart of the Sacred Valley, Sol y Luna was founded by Marie-Helene Miribel (‘Petit’) in order to create and fund a school for local, under privileged children. The Sol y Luna Association is committed to providing positive change in the lives of the children in Peru’s Sacred Valley through a comprehensive education. Their school offers teaching and pastoral care that gives local children support and prospects they may never have had without this organisation. Everything Sol y Luna does is mindful of sustainability in the area as well as balancing the journey with luxury accommodation, wellness, gastronomy and carefully considered excursions. The 43-casitas are set within extensive gardens filled with flowers and hummingbirds. Visit between April and September.