2 July 2019


The next level of literary travel

Have you and your book group ever discussed taking a literary journey away from home? If so, we would love to help you design an experience that will bring you together on a thrilling discovery of culture and literature.

We call these Insider Journeys our ‘Book Clubs Abroad’ and we will keep you updated on news and inspiration via our newsletter so please sign up if you haven’t already done so. Whether you are keen to further explore a theme linked to the novel you are currently reading or even travel with the author who wrote it, we have fantastic links to the Arts and we love literature almost as much as we love travel.

Every literary journey supports Book Aid International, the UK’s leading international book donation and library development charity which sends each year around one million brand new books to thousands of communities across the world where people have very few opportunities to access books and read. This includes under-resourced schools, refugee camps, public and community libraries, hospitals, prisons and universities.

From seasoned novelists with a library of books under their name to debut writers with fresh ideas or academics who are dedicated to understanding the likes of Henry James and Daphne Du Maurier, we can tailor most literary experiences to link to the culture of a destination and how it has inspired creative works.

Or you may choose to visit one of the world’s literary festivals and stay in a private house where we can arrange special dinners and private events alongside some of the speakers to give you the chance to ignite a lively and relaxed discussion away from the crowds. Or take a destination you have always wanted to visit and give it a literary twist: Isabel Allende’s Colombia; Michael Ondajte’s Sri Lanka; James Joyce’s Ireland.

We’d love to hear about you and your book group so please call us and we look forward to starting the conversation.