The Open Road

Discover the best of the French and German-speaking Alps on a bespoke road trip adventure. Drive through the most beautiful mountain passes, paddle from the shores of crystal clear lakes and test your skills at watch-making and creating a bar of Swiss chocolate . The journey can be done as a self-drive or chauffeur driven and includes our local host and passionate guide, who has spent a decade exploring the depths of Switzerland to give you access to the most beautiful parts of the road less travelled.


Start your adventure on the shores of Lac Léman. The region is known by locals for its picture-perfect villages and vineyards that produce very distinct Swiss wines, of which only 2% are exported worldwide. This is one of the most pristine and untouched regions of Switzerland and a great place to begin learning about Swiss culture alongside your local friend and guide. You will have a chance to explore the lake in a private traditional saloon boat and enjoy a tour of a local vineyard with the owner complete with a fondue lunch at his hut overlooking the lake. If you are travelling with children, they will enjoy a visit to a farm in the mountains above to meet the calves and learn how cheese is produced in the region.


Drive into the heart of Switzerland with its dramatic Alpine peaks, green rolling hills sprayed with meadow flowers and turquoise lakes. The centre of Switzerland’s capital, Bern and the birthplace of Einstein is worth exploring along the way. Enjoy three nights staying in a charming hotel converted from a historic castle. Depending on the age range of your group, mountain adventures can include swimming beneath waterfalls, zip-lining, mountain biking or gentle walking and always interspersed with scenic picnics enjoying unforgettable views while sausages sizzle on the open campfire.


As you acclimatise to Alpine life you will drive higher into the mountains to reach the region of Melchsee. Some of the most stunning hikes and bike trails can be found here and you will stay in a car-free village so that the peace and fresh mountain air can be fully appreciated. Spend days relaxing by the pool or fishing on the lake and allowing the mountain views to replenish the soul.


Lake Lucerne is often compared to the Nordic fjords for its dramatic mountain setting and twisted shoreline. This stunning region encompasses so much of what makes Switzerland special with a perfect blend of culture, landscape and history. We recommend a minimum of three nights here as we can almost guarantee that once you arrive, you won’t want to leave. Any history buffs will enjoy a ride in a historic Swiss military 4x4 with a local historian to explore former military fortresses. This is also the place for chocolate and a highlight for children and adults alike is meeting the family of a small chocolate factory and getting involved with the production from bean to liquid chocolate.


If you are flying home from Switzerland Zurich is a fantastic city to end the journey. Divided in two parts by the River Limmat and linked by pretty bridges, the Old Town is charming and worth exploring for its history, cafes and shops. Food-lovers may enjoy spending a morning with our passionate food guide as the city is well known for its local and international food scene. This is also the home of the Swiss National Museum and the FIFA world Football Museum.

We would love to help you plan a road trip adventure to Switzerland. We understand that much of the joy of self-driving is the sense of discovery and not knowing where the next twist in the road might lead you. Our road trips preserve the excitement of the unknown but take out the stress of disappointing hotels, unfathomable map directions and journey times that stretch the patience of children. We will take care of all the planning and bookings. Along the way local experts will be delighted to meet you so that you can immerse yourself in a genuine sense of culture. So wind down the windows, turn up the music and enjoy the freedom of the open road.