Celebration Retreat

Indulge in a truly luxurious escape and explore hidden Puglia through its art, local culture and gastronomy. This is a perfect retreat for a group of friends or family looking for a memorable place to celebrate a milestone event such as a birthday or an anniversary.

Working alongside the owners of Palazzo Bozzi Corso, who will personally host this experience, The Insider Travel has designed an exquisite journey based out of this beautiful family palace in the heart of the traditional town of Lecce. This is a tailor-made experience and each day will be perfected and every detail managed by The Insider Travel to ensure this is an unforgettable celebration that exceeds expectations.


  • Enjoy a private event at the M.A.M.A family museum with the owners and their curator.
  • Explore the private gardens and stunning family estates in the region by special invitation of the owners (these houses are not open to the public).
  • Meet local artists at their private studios followed by an Artists Lunch at a private gallery themed around the food, culture and art of the region.
  • An unforgettable farewell ‘Mille E Una Notte’ dinner and evening in the courtyard of the palace lit by one thousand and one candles, serenaded by music and a spectacular dining experience.
  • Option to take a private boat charter and explore the surrounding bays, natural caves and turquoise ocean. Enjoy a seafood lunch on board your boat and swim in the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters from hidden bays.


This palatial 18th Century family home is tucked into the centre of the historical city of Lecce and remains the ancestral home of the Fiermonte family. Each of the ten suites is designed to evoke the history and life of the personalities linked to this extraordinary family including the John & Yoko room (the Lennons were friends of Anne Filati, the mother of the current owner. Anne designed the garden in Central Park dedicated to John Lennon).

Please get in touch if you would like to start planning a small group celebration in Puglia.