A Private Boat Charter

Maximum 20 guests

Minimum Five Nights

One of the best ways to experience the Galapagos Islands is from the comfort of your own private yacht accompanied by a group of friends or family. Working with owner operated luxury expedition vessels we can design a custom itinerary with a handpicked crew to suit the interests and age ranges of your group. Everything from the menu incorporating local organic produce to the daily excursions with your naturalist guide is tailored to the tastes of every guest on board. A private charter ensures you get the very best access to these islands and an age-appropriate understanding of conservation issues. Marine adventures will be designed so they are as physically challenging as you require and rewarding for every individual.

With ten cabins, this journey works extremely well for a multigenerational reunion, particularly when the 2020 pandemic may have kept loved ones apart. With the option to privately charter a flight directly to the Galapagos Islands where we can whisk you straight on board a boat that has been thoroughly prepared to meet and exceed health and safety standards in a post COVID-19 world, this is a journey that can unite a family searching for adventure, culture and comfort from the safety of a luxury vessel in the hands of a highly experienced crew.

Organising the needs and wishes of individual family members can be incredibly time consuming and often takes the fun out of planning for a holiday. This is where we come in - let us take on fine-tuning the logistics, ensuring everything is set up ahead of your arrival and acting as the main point of call so that you can enjoy the really exciting part of getting ready for the adventure.

The wildlife you see will depend on the route you take and the time of year but we can guarantee that every day you will be awestruck by the journey with a new place to wake up to every morning.

Sustainability and CSR

When you travel with us, we ensure that the partners we work with mean your booking automatically supports a number of important sustainability funds and social programmes in the Galapagos Islands. Organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund, Galapagos Conservation Trust and the Charles Darwin Foundation benefit from a percentage of the profits. Our partners have slowly adjusted their own operations to protect and preserve the abundance of the unique flora and fauna that have flourished in this ecological paradise. They have successfully banned all plastic straws and plastic single use bottles. At least 30% of the food on board is sourced from the Galapagos Islands - fruit and vegetables from San Cristobal Island, meats, seafood and dairy from Santa Cruz Island.

Please get in touch if you would like to start planning a private charter journey in these beautiful islands and we can send you a sample itinerary.