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Music, fashion, fine art, theatre, dance and film form the backbone of these Creative Journeys. These experiences can include creative workshops, backstage visits to groundbreaking creative events or institutions around the world and meetings with luminaries of The Arts. If you’re keen to push the boundaries of your own creativity, these are the adventures for you.


For decades, the artists of Havana have used their creative work to voice the fears and frustrations they were prevented from telling in words. Cuba’s colourful art is rooted deeply in politics and has evolved from its African and Spanish heritage through to the revolution in the 1950s and the present day. However, the journey only begins with fine art - in Havana, we can introduce you to some of Latin America’s finest Writers, Dancers, Film Directors and Designers for a fully immersive creative experience.



Japan can be a difficult country to penetrate culturally. The tourist triangle is so expertly manicured that it can be hard to escape from the well-beaten path. Our friends in Japan have made it their life’s ambition to reach out to the less known talents and the global artistic influencers who play such an intrinsic role in maintaining Japan’s culture and tradition. Exploring the country through the eyes of its artisans is one of the most rewarding ways to understand the cultural foundations of its mega-cities, mountainous countryside and remote islands.


Brazil is home to some of the best art galleries and museums in Latin America including the stunning Inhotim open air art park. Some of the finest examples are in Sao Paulo where the likes of the Sao Paulo Museum of Art (MASP) displays a word-class collection of local and international work. Rio is the place for live music and dance or explore the Colonial seaside towns and villages in Bahia for a colourful array of local artwork. In the South, the little seaside town of Paraty hosts the ‘Flip’ Literature Festival, which was founded by Liz Calder, the co-founder of Bloomsbury.


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