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Now, more than ever, we must recognise the work of those who dedicate their lives to causes in critical need of attention. Our Philanthropic Journeys are curated alongside leading non-profit organisations to balance an in-depth cultural exploration with unprecedented access to inspirational reformers.


India is the world’s largest democracy and yet freedom of expression is an unfulfilled dream for many minorities. Single women, domestic workers and LGBTQ individuals are marginalised and vulnerable to abuse. While the number of those living in poverty is declining, over 350 million Indians are still living below the poverty line. Our Philanthropic Journeys in India focus on human rights and introduce our guests to the remarkable people striving for real and legislative change. In each region, we counterpoint these encounters with India’s heritage to give a balanced overview of its cultural legacy.



As Myanmar took its first steps toward democracy in 2010, the world watched with a hopeful anticipation that soon turned to despair. Decades of social tension against the minority Rohingya Muslims finally broke in a tragic display of violence. While parts of the country remain out of bounds, the majority of Myanmar is safe for travel (see FCO for up to date advice) and they need visitors to return. Our contacts in Yangon and beyond will give you the real story - weaving the origins and beauty of this country’s ancient past into a narrative that explores an analysis for its future.



The Amazon Rainforest in Brazil is at its highest level of deforestation in a decade; the wetlands of the Pantanal are under threat from agriculture and illegal fisheries are stripping parts of the country’s pristine Atlantic coastline. Thankfully, some of the most efficient non-profit organisations have rooted themselves to these causes. Seeing these conservation teams in action will allow you to take part in real and effective support of some of our planet’s most important natural resources and also explore some of the most beautiful regions of the country.


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