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Our family adventures aim to provide a more memorable experience of the big, wide world. By introducing young travellers and their families to passionate and knowledgeable local experts, we hope these journeys will play their part in inspiring the next generation of international change-makers.


It was David Attenborough who reminded us so eloquently that a love of animals and the natural world is “the first sort of pleasure, delight and joy you get as a child. But if he loses the first treasure, he’s lost something that will give him joy and delight for the rest of his life.” We believe there can be no better destination on earth to visit for maintaining a child’s love of nature than Ecuador. From the Amazon Rainforest to the foothills of the Andes and on the Galapagos Islands, we work with a hand-picked selection of boats, lodges and farms that specialise in truly memorable family adventures.



Train rides, golden beaches, wildlife, temples, plantations and camping in the wild - Sri Lanka has it all. No domestic flying is needed to experience a journey packed with diversity so this jewel of a country is a marvellous option for travelling with children. The Sri Lankans are some of the friendliest people on earth and the food is extremely tasty (and less punchy than neighbouring India for sensitive taste buds).



This is another excellent option for families looking to cut down on flying and long-distance travelling. Many of Costa Rica’s seaside lodges are flanked by rainforests that allow children to get involved in fun, arboreal adventures as well as enjoying life on a turquoise ocean. The Costa Ricans are fanatic about nature and love nothing more than teaching jungle skills to young explorers. Costa Rica is the ultimate destination in the Americas to entertain active families with some of the best white-water rafting, surfing, hiking and zip-lining on the continent.


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