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Our Culinary Journeys are designed to connect small groups of travellers to the culture and cuisine of a place. We believe that the enjoyment of great food is enhanced when shared with others. Below are just three of the many destinations where we can create exceptional culinary adventures for friends or family.


The seaside town of San Sebastian put Spain on the world stage as a leading culinary destination. Here multi-Michelin-starred restaurants jostle along with family-run tapas bars - each serving exquisite dishes that make this such a thrilling city for food-lovers. However, what makes Spain so exciting is the quality of cuisine you will find almost anywhere you go. In Madrid, new chefs are pushing the boundaries in visionary ways. Small restaurants in rural parts of the country maintain a tradition that has been handed down through generations of the same family. Combine this with some of the world’s best wines and there’s not much more you will need to satisfy your taste buds.



A decade ago, Lima was considered by most travellers only as the necessary entry and exit point to other places in Peru. Today, Lima is considered as one of South America’s culinary capitals and here originated one of the most influential global food trends - ‘fusion food’. Charming boutique hotels, fantastic art galleries and no shortage of world-class restaurants now make Lima a must-see for most visitors to Peru. Our Culinary Journeys in Peru contrast this metropolitan city’s cuisine with rustic dishes found in the Sacred Valley and the Altiplano beyond.



Culinary travel works particularly well in India as it connects to the complexity of culture in each region. Using cuisine as a way to understand the depth and intricacy of India’s history and traditions, we create an adventure that will stimulate all the senses. From the family recipes of hidden cafes and Tiffin lunchboxes in Bombay to opulent feasts enjoyed by Rajasthani Royalty, our culinary friends in India will use their passion for food to open a world of colour, spices and tastes. A curry back home will never taste the same again.


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