It’s not hard to see why some of the world’s most talented writers, dancers, musicians and artists were born and raised in Cuba. The combination of achingly beautiful landscape and faded colonial architecture has been protected from the synthetic blanket that has commercialised much of the world today.

Cuba is resolutely unapologetic about who she is and her beating heart is Havana. Wander the city’s sultry streets where worn out buildings whisper tales of a long lost grandeur and are almost more beautiful for their shabby facade.

Salsa sweeps through the cobbled corridors; behind heavy oak doors are warm and inviting paladars that will beckon you into the soul of Cuba, if you know how to get in.

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the insider experience

  • Special access to The Arts in Havana - you name them: writers, musicians, artists, film directors - we know them

  • Private music festivals and parties created exclusively for you and your friends

  • So you think you can dance? Let us introduce you to the Cubans who will teach you how it’s really done

cuba highlights


A sexy, seductive city with an extraordinary tale to tell to those who know how to listen.


A UNESCO protected 500 year old town with a rich past and a bright future for the many artists now residing here.


Beautiful nature reserves, grassy valleys and some of the most sought-after tobacco plantations in the country.

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