Separated by the colossal spine of the Andes Mountains, Chile is the gentlemanly neighbour to Argentina. Though these two countries share much of the same topographical landscape, they are vastly different in culture.

Visit the Atacama Desert for its striking lunar valleys and remote indigenous villages. The central valley is draped in vineyards and undulating mountains that hug freshwater lakes and trickling rivers.

In Patagonia the drama begins again with awesome craggy mountains and outcrops that have been beaten into extraordinary shapes and sizes by millennia of unforgiving weather.

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the insider experience

  • Explore the fjords in the south from the privacy of a luxury yacht or private house and helicopter

  • Enjoy wine tours of hidden boutique vineyards alongside the owners

  • Professional astronomers to show you a star-lit sky so bright you can read by it

chile highlights

Easter Island

A remote land steeped in mystery

The Atacama Desert

An astonishing other-worldly desert landscape pierced from beneath by geysers shooting sulphurous water from the core of the earth into the bright blue sky.

Central Valleys

Indigo lakes surrounded by pine forests, snow-capped peaks, crystal-clear rivers and some of the best vineyards in Latin America

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