Colonialism left in its wake an intoxicating fusion of African and Latin traditions that have entwined to create much of what makes the Brazilian culture so unique. The music, the food, the landscape will engulf all your senses and remind you of the simple things that make us truly happy.

On the coast sleepy colonial towns tuck into emerald forests that tumble down the mountains onto white sand and the Atlantic ocean. Inland a treasure trove awaits from the world’s largest wetlands in the Pantanal to the vast mouth of the Amazon River that makes its final journey through the rainforest to the ocean.

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the insider experience

  • Exclusive hire of traditional beach houses to fully get to grips with the Brazilian way of life (start with music, great food and caipirinha)

  • Insider access to The Arts in Rio and Sao Paulo

  • Guides with an infectious passion for wildlife in the Amazon and Pantanal regions

brazil highlights


A coastline trimmed with palm trees bowing over the softest, whitest sand and charming Colonial towns and villages.


Miles upon miles of silver horizons teaming with wildlife to be explored from the saddle or by canoe alongside your naturalist guide.


One day at these magnificent waterfalls surrounded by rainforest will leave you feeling energised for months.

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