Explore Sri Lanka with an open heart and it will change you forever in the best possible ways.

Few countries can rival the friendliness of the Sri Lankan people, who will almost always greet you with a bright flash of a smile and a warm welcome.

Immerse yourself in the landscape, the history, the golden beaches and you feel immediately at peace.

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the insider experience

  • If you love cricket, we can create an amazing journey with extra special access

  • We also have some wonderful friends in the Arts who can design a special visit over the Galle Literary Festival

  • Visit some little known monuments with our favourite cultural guide, who also has a Masters in Botany

sri lanka highlights


A spectacular complex of ancient monuments that come alive at certain times of day.


There is no escaping the tourists but this palace perched on a rock 200m above the ground is really quite something.

Galle Fort

A pretty, cobbled town surrounded by excellent beaches and rainforest beyond.

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