For centuries Jordan has been positioned as the strategic gateway between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. A tapestry of influences can be found in the culture and architecture.

From Alexander the Great to The Ottomon Empire and the Crusaders, this country has played an important part in the world’s battle ground. Today, the peaceful climate, in an otherwise conflicted Middle East draws thousands of curious visitors a year to see first-hand how Jordan inspired and influenced the world as we know it.

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the insider experience

  • Private desert camps designed and fitted in remote settings just for you. Enjoy silent desert nights lit by candles, an open fire and the star-filled sky

  • Specialist academic guides to get you under the skin of Jordan’s past and how it fits into today’s world

  • Take the ultimate road trip from the capital city of Amman to the Wadi Rum Desert

jordan highlights


Beautiful, intricate temple carved out from rose-coloured rocks. A must-see on any first-time visit to Jordan (or second, or third)

Wadi Rum Desert

It’s rare these days to find yourself in a place of complete silence. That place is the Wadi Rum.

The Dead Sea

Enjoy the slightly strange sensation of floating in mineral rich water and gaze at Israel and the West Bank in the distance.

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