Bhutan is purposefully expensive for visitors in order to deter from the effects of mass tourism. The result is a sprinkling of carefully placed, sustainable, exceptional lodges and some of the world’s most beautiful sites with very few crowds.

In 2018 the Bhutan Tourism Monitor was introduced as a way to continue to protect and preserve the country’s rich heritage from a growing demand from international visitors and we must all hope that it remains that way.

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  • Special access to highly influential and knowledgeable experts from politicians to historians and art collectors

  • Join the colourful celebrations at local traditional festivals

bhutan highlights


The capital city provides a good introduction to Bhutanese history with some excellent museums to visit to get your bearings.


Home to the impressive Punakha Dzong fortress and beautiful valleys carved out by rushy rivers.


The entry point into rural Bhutan is home to over 150 ‘Dzongs’ including the much photographed, ‘Tiger’s Nest’ jutting out of a cliff edge in the Paro Valley

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