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latin america .

The thrilling continent of contrasts from its fire-and-ice landscape to the ancient and modern architecture.

This complex continent is a melting pot of unique cultures linked by a beating pulse that is unmistakably Latin America. If you allow these raw and unfiltered lands to seep under your skin, they will never leave, pulling and tugging for you to return again and again.

There are countless ways to explore: navigate the Amazon River in a private boat; meet the authors attending some of the most sought-after literary festivals in the world; take a journey that delivers ancient glaciers and remote deserts all in one visit; explore vibrant and exciting cities that are bursting with cutting edge art, design and gastronomy. We have lived in South America and we know from experience what makes it special.

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asia .

Asia can provide spiritual gratification and untouched wilderness in a way that almost nowhere else on earth can match.

Mention the word Asia and most people will sum up images of India, The Far East and the Silk Roads.

The world’s largest and most populated continent is not an easy one to get to grips with unless you know the right people. So let us introduce you to our friends in Asia, who will take you beyond the well-trodden tourist triangles that only skim the surface of some of our globe’s most enigmatic countries.

We only work in destinations where we know we have the contacts who can open doors that few travellers have a chance to access. We are researching all the time so if you don’t see the country you are hoping to visit on the list, call us, and it might just be that we are already nearly there.

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europe .

We’re making tracks for the ‘road less travelled’ in Europe from hidden corners of Italy to the stunning Carpathian Mountains.

We are always looking for ways to show our guests another side to the extraordinary countries within Europe.

We have the United Kingdom covered as well as Central Spain and some new ways to explore the Mediterranean by sailboat.

We are working on special visits to Italy and Romania as well as a few other regions so please call us if you can’t see what you’re looking for and we would be delighted to help you and your group with a life-changing journey.

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north africa .

The tip of Africa is draped in harsh and unruly terrain; arid desert meets rugged mountainscapes and, to the West, a wild and turbulent Atlantic coastline. For centuries the dramatic landscape of North Africa has shaped much of its complex culture as human settlements sought new ways to maintain trade routes through perilous waters, mountain passes and inhospitable desert. It is this wild and untamable land that draws us Insiders to North Africa where we seek new ways to explore the depths of countries such as Morocco and, one day, Egypt.



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